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...looking for help building an online presence that works for you and your business?

I am a website designer / database developer born in snowy Duluth, currently living in Southern California.

I have been working in the design industry for the past 12 years as a designer, project manager, front end developer and user experience designer.

I am not setting new web design standards, but I aspire to get my clients websites as visible in searches as possible.

I am hard working, full of energy and enthusiasm. I am available to help you find a solution that works for your needs.

I can say that there is nothing better than doing what you love and I really love to help my clients find the perfect solution to their online presence.

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looking for some help

with any of this...


  • Web Design and development
  • Content Marketing
  • search engine optimization / seo
  • Photoshop website design
  • Website revisions
  • Dreamweaver web development
  • Copy Writing
  • Adobe illustrator graphics
  • Traffic Building
  • user experience design / UX
  • Blog content
  • Filemaker Pro Databases
  • E-market strategies
  • psd to html conversion
  • E-business consulting

Hello there...

... welcome to Path of Crumbs, my personal website.

I liked the way you clicked on that!

I am a project manager, web designer / developer in Southern California and my passion is to help people realize their dreams, and help their audience find them.

Working as a designer and project manager for several years, I have learned a bit about web development, content creation and climbing up through the ranks of search engine placement.

I can help with site development, graphics, datebase creation and content creation. But whatever you need, from a logo design, banner for your business to a complete website, – I, or one of my many talented friends... can help.

Do you need a website? Do you need website content or a few blog posts to get your blog going? I am here for you!

...lets be friends!


My name is Melissa, and I'm very glad you dropped by!


My passion is helping people build their businesses.


Here are a few ways I am asked to help...


• SEO-savvy web design • writing captivating content • graphics creation


How can I help you?



"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Here you can view some of my web design / development work. This is not all as I've worked as a member of many site development teams where the content is private or protected.

My client privacy is a priority. I take pride in listening to my clients!

Web design must present the clear single voice of the client. On the web, there are many voices, so we need to be clear in who we are and what we have to offer. Our online presence is a combination of visual presentation and functionality.

All my web design work is done here in Southern California, and fortified by my years of project management and experience.

some of what I do
Web design Works
Karate site
Built for the Modern Web


Producer site
Digital Artist for Film and Television


Website creation with clients graphics and copy, per clients specific direction.

Site down.

Karate site
Karate Site


Create site to display owner graphics, create additional images, SEO, Video and all copy.

Site down.

illustrator personal site
Portfolio website for freelance digital designer.


Website design and SEO.

Site down.

Customer Database
Customer Database


Developed database to track marketing efforts, membership renewals and Income/Expense

Arnott Kenpo Karate


American Kenpo Karate Studio in Los Angeles.

Write copy and content. Website development, create graphics.

Search engine optimization with heavy local competition.


SKA Design - Environmental Graphic Design


Environmental Graphic Design company in South Pasadena.

Medium/Large scale site. Web design and SEO.



now that you are here, we can become friends.


Drop me a line sometime and let me know what you're up to!

Or if you are just beginning to begin your project and aren't sure what you need yet, feel free to reach out to develop a game plan for your venture.



let's be friends

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Please, call the number displayed on the iPhone or drop me an E-mail.


You can catch me in real life and I will gladly have a cup of coffee with you.

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